If You Want More Leads, More Sales, And higher Conversion For Your Sales Campaigns, This Is For You:

A Simple But Powerful App That Writes Sales-Pumping Email Series, Profit-Pulling Sales Letters That Turn Strangers To Buyers, Video Scripts That Engage Viewers, & Ads That Courts Attention & Gets Clicked- All In 15 Minutes & In 106+ Languages

Turns Your Marketing Campaigns Into A Sales And Profit-Generating Machine, Without Increasing Your Ad Spend

  • One-Time Payment
  • Save Thousands of Dollars, & Hundreds Of Hours
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Trusted By Smart Digital Marketers, Professional Service Providers, Ecom Sellers, Coaches, Agencies, Consultants, And More

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Works In Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose the copy type you want

There are over 50 different copy types to choose from for your direct response marketing campaign

Step 2: Answer a few questions about your product or service.

You can save time by clicking the DFY button to make the software fill the answers for you, and you can then edit it.

Step 3: Click on the WRITE button and watch the software do its magic

It will take less than 5 seconds for the software to create highly persuasive copy for you, ready to start pumping in sales for you.

BONUS STEP: Rewrite Your Copy With A Click

If you want another variation of the copy you just created, click on the REWRITE button and the software will write a completely new copy for you using a different flow

Every Email, Ad, Video Script & Sales Letter

You Need For Your Marketing

High Converting Emails That Your Audience Will Be Eager To Open, Read, & Click

(Each email it writes for you, comes with multiple subject line options, plus up to 5 follow-up emails in each series)
  • Product launch email to promote your new products or services
  • New lead nurturing email to make your new leads to know like and trust you
  • Free trial signup email to convince your free trial users to upgrade to paid level
  • Post purchase email to show your new customer around and encourage them use what they bought from you
  • Upsell email to encourage your software users to upgrade to a higher plan
  • Cross sell sequence to encourage your new customers to buy another product you have
  • Prelaunch email to build up expectation for your soon-to-be-released product
  • Cold emails (B2B) to pitch your product or service to a cold audience
  • Affiliate emails to help you promote other people’s product and get a commission
  • Cart-abandonment emails to get those who didn’t complete their purchase of your product to come back
  • Re-engagement emails to awaken your inactive subscribers and get them reading your emails again
  • Discount offer emails to use in promoting your discount and time-limited offers
  • Value post emails to notify your subscribers of your new blog post, or video and make them to go read or watch it​
  • Affiliate Promotion request emails to persuade your existing customers to refer others to you
  • Request for testimonial email you can use to convince your customers to give you testimonials
  • Webinar invitation emails to use in getting your subscribers to sign up for your upcoming webinar or even
  • Webinar warm up series to use is building up expectation in the mind of your subscribers about your upcoming webinar
  • Post Webinar emails to use in getting your webinar registrants and attendees who missed your webinar to watch your replay and buy the offer you pitched on it
  • Post Webinar emails to use in getting your webinar registrants and attendees who left before your pitch to watch your replay and buy the offer you pitched on it
  • Post webinar emails to use in getting your webinar registrants and attendees who attended but didn’t buy the offer you pitched on it
  • Request for guest blogging email which you can use in pitching to other blogs to guest post for them
  • Bounced payment emails to get your customers to fix their payment issues so you can bill them successfully
  • And much more…

Sales-Pumping Landing Page Copy That Converts Visitors To Leads And Buyers

  • Long form Sales letter to convert visitors to your product or service sales page to buyers
  • Cross-sell page copy to get your new buyers to buy your other complimentary products
  • Upsell page copy to have every new buyer of your product to upgrade to a higher version immediately
  • Webinar registration page copy to get most of the visitors to your webinar registration page to sign up for your webinar
  • Squeeze page copy to convince visitors to your lead generation page to sign up to your email list
  • Thank-you page copy that gets your new leads to quickly check out your one-time offer

Highly Engaging And Persuasive Scripts For Your Sales Videos

  • New product launch video scripts to promote your new product through videos
  • Cross sell video script to convince your new customer to buy another complementary product of yours
  • Upsell video script to promote an upgrade of your product through videos
  • Lead capture page video script to get your landing page visitors to opt in
  • YouTube ad video script to grab the attention of viewers to your offer before they watch their YouTube videos
  • FB and IG ad video script to get the attention of people scrolling on FB and IG, and make them watch your ad to the end
  • Re-targeting ad video script to get the attention of those who visited your offer page but didn’t bite, making them to come back and complete the action

Attention-Grabbing Ads That Gets Your Target Audience To Click On It

  • New product release ad that grabs attention of your target audience
  • Retargeting (Facebook) ad that forces everyone who left your offer without biting, to go back to it
  • Webinar invitation ad to get your target audience to register for your webinar
  • Lead generation ad (Facebook) to help you get the attention of your audience, and getting them to sign up to your list
  • New content release ad (Facebook) to get more clicks to your newly released content, whether video or blog post
  • And much more…

Marketing Stories To Hold Down The Interest of Your Audience While Selling To Them (COMING SOON)

  • Hero’s journey: stories to convince your audience that if you can do it, they too can
  • Case study stories: to show your audience how others are using your product or service to get results
  • Teaching Stories: to teach your audience a particular lesson that
  • Future pacing stories: to show your audience how great their life would be if they use your product or service
  • Breaking myths stories: to break down the objections in the mind of your audience about your product or service
  • Walkthrough stories: to show your audience how your product or service works

PLUS FEATURE: Introducing Funnel Copy

To successfully sell online, you need a funnel… I’m sure you must have heard of it. And to sell with a sales funnel, you will need multiple copy types for each stage of the funnel. For a professional copywriter, writing a great copy for a full funnel can take 14 days or more. And for a non-professional, that could take up to 30 days. But imagine you can do this in 30 minutes… that’s half an hour vs 14-30 days. Yes, it’s 100% possible with SalesBoosta. Just fill in the information required by the software… this should take around 15 to 25 minutes. Then click the CREATE button, and all the copy you need for your funnel will be ready in 15 seconds. This is possible only with SalesBoosta

Which Other Software Can Do All Of These?

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Why We Built This Software & How It Concerns You

Hey, my name is Patrick Enyum,  The co-founder of SalesBoosta In 2018, my team and I set out to help as many small and medium online business owners as possible to make more sales from their campaign As a copywriter and digital marketer, I already knew that one of the main reasons why many products fail in the marketplace, is bad copy.

The Thing Is:

If your copy can’t do a great job of selling your target audience and convincing them to pay for whatever you’re selling, then your product will fail, no matter how good it is

The Maths Are Simple:

Great product + weak copy = poor sales  Bad product + great copy = huge sales Great product + great copy = mind-blowing sales

“A Great Product Without A Great Copy Will Fail, While A Bad Product With A Great Copy Will Succeed In The Marketplace”

Unfortunately, not everyone can write a great copy…it takes many years to become an excellent copywriter… …reason why copywriters charge hundreds to thousands of dollars for each copy they write for you But there’s something else I’ve observed: FACT: Most Online Business Owners Can’t Afford A Professional Copywriter…Most Are On A Shoestring Budget So, I and my team set out to build a tool that can help them write all the copy they need for their marketing without spending a fortune In 2019, we released Email CopyDyno which is a tool to help online businesses to write high converting emails The release was greeted with a lot of excitement, and our users loved it In fact, many of them reported an increase in their email marketing revenue, courtesy of the emails they got from Email CopyDyno. In 2019, we released Video CopyDyno to assist in writing scripts for sales and promotional videos. Our users loved it too, and started requesting for a more wholistic tool that can cater for all their marketing needs Using our copywriting knowledge and experience, we ended up creating the most powerful direct response copywriting tool in the planet right now which can help you write just about any copy you need for your online marketing. From ads, to email sequences, to sales letters, landing page copy, video scripts, and even marketing stories.

Let Me Introduce You To Our Newly Developed Copywriting Wizard Called:


Your Trusted Direct Response Copywriting Tool

Who Is This For?

Digital Marketers

Webinar Marketers

Marketing Agencies

Affiliate Marketers

eCom Store Owners



Product Owners

Software Startups



Newbies looking for a side income stream

NOTE: There’s a comprehensive training inside SalesBoosta University area that shows you a real case study on how SalesBoosta can help you boost your revenue and profits if you fall into any of these categories. Get Your Access Now

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Here’s All The Copy You Can Write With This SalesBoosta

High Converting Emails That Your Audience Will Be Eager To Open, Read, & Click

(Each email it writes for you, comes with multiple subject line options, plus up to 5 follow-up emails in each series)
  • Product launch email
  • New lead nurturing email
  • Free trial signup email
  • Post purchase email
  • Upsell email
  • Cross sell sequence
  • Prelaunch email
  • Cold emails (B2B)
  • Affiliate promotion emails
  • Cart-abandonment emails
  • Re-engagement emails
  • Discount offer emails
  • Value post emails
  • Affiliate Promotion request emails
  • Request for testimonial email
  • Webinar invitation emails
  • Webinar warm up series
  • Post Webinar emails series
  • Request for guest blogging
  • Bounced payment emails

Sales-Pumping Landing Page Copy That Converts Visitors To Leads And Buyers

  • Long form Sales letter
  • Cross-sell page copy
  • Upsell page copy
  • Webinar registration page copy
  • Squeeze page copy
  • Thank-you page copy

Highly Engaging And Persuasive Scripts For Your Sales Videos

  • New product launch video scripts
  • Cross sell video script
  • Upsell video script
  • Lead capture page video script
  • YouTube ad video script
  • FB and IG ad video script
  • Re-targeting ad video script
  • And much more

Attention-Grabbing Ads That Gets Your Target Audience To Click On It

  • New product release ad
  • Retargeting (Facebook) ad
  • Lead generation ad (Facebook)
  • New content release ad (Facebook)
  • Webinar invitation ad

Marketing Stories To Hold Down The Interest of Your Audience While Selling To Them (COMING SOON)

  • Hero’s journey
  • Case study stories
  • Teaching Stories
  • Future pacing stories
  • Breaking myths stories
  • Walkthrough stories

And More To Come

But I Already Have Other Copy Apps; Do I Still Need SalesBoosta?

I’m sure this is the question lurking on your mind Yes, there are other copywriting apps out there, from Nichess, to Jasper, Leadscript, Copy.Ai, and so on Unfortunately, most of them are for writing educational contents; reason why they are used mostly for blogging and web page content… But when you want your target audience to click on your ads… When you want visitors to your landing page to turn into leads or even paying customers… When you want to send out marketing emails that will build trust in the minds of your subscribers, making them eager to open your emails, read it and click on the links inside…. When you want to release videos that will keep your viewers glued till the end… When you want to tell stories that engage your audience, while at the same time selling to them… Then you need SalesBoosta

None of the copywriting apps out there can write the types of copy that SalesBoosta can write:

21 different email types with 2,000+ templates

7 different landing page copy types with 100+ templates

6 different ad copy types with 250+ templates

6 different marketing story types with 60+ templates

7 different ad copy types with 100+ templates

Here Are Other Features You Will Find Inside SalesBoosta

1. DFY Answers

If you want the software to write a very powerful copy that will convert crazily for you, then you need to give it a lot of information about your product.  If you don’t know what to answer, just use the DFY feature, and the software will give you answer suggestions which you can then edit. Saves you a lot of time

2. Translate to 106 languages

You can click a button and have the software rewrite everything on it to your preferred language.  From the questions it asks you, the instructions, and even the final result you get, everything will be written in your chosen language. And yes, you can also answer the questions in your chosen language.  With this feature, you’re ready to sell in just about any language, reaching to markets outside your native language.

3. Answer Profile

If you want to write a sales letter for your new product, you will supply the software with a lot of information to use in writing it for you. Now, if you want to write a promotional email series for the same product, you will go through the process of question and answers again. But with this feature, you just need to click a button, and your previous answer for the product will be preloaded for you into the new copy type you want. Imagine the time savings!

4. Swipe Bank

If you see an email, sales letter or ad you love, and you would want to save it for future reference, you can simply copy it to your SalesBoosta swipe bank.  You can always come back to view or even edit it inside SalesBoosta.  By the way, every successful copywriter has a swipe bank. And SalesBoosta will help you save and keep yours.

5. SalesBoosta University

If you are new to internet marketing or you want to gain additional knowledge that will help you boost your revenue even more, then you will love SalesBoosta University.  Inside it, you will get free access to our premium trainings on internet marketing.  This section alone is worth $1,499 if you were to pay for the trainings individually. And more is still being added

6. Export To Doc

When you’re done writing your copy with the software, you can easily export it to different formats with just a click. From PDF, to MSWord, to TXT file. 

7. Team Members

Add your team members to your account so they can also use your account to create copy for you or your business.  Your team members will have access to what you’ve created already, edit it, or even download it

8. Freelancer Module

If you chose to start offering freelance copywriting services with the help of SalesBoosta, there’s a module to give you the resources you need to start the business successfully.  From graphic designs, to templates, agreements, proposals, and more.  You also get a free training on how to get clients within this module

9. Expansive Video Guide

You also get a robust video tutorial on how to get the best result from the software.  Each copy type comes with a video that teaches you what the copy type is all about, how to use it, when to use it, and even where.  In fact, using this software will teach you a lot about selling your product or service online, than most courses will


Make $9K With SalesBoosta In The Next 30-60 Days

Because SalesBoosta is new, we want our existing customers like you who has trusted and supported us from the beginning, to benefit from it when it goes public In the next 45 days, we will go live to the public, and we will spend a lot of resources promoting it to the public Now, we want to give you an opportunity to make at least $9,000 from it leveraging our own promotions. Here’s how:

We are offering you 100 reseller licenses to SalesBoosta today

Once we go live to the public, you can resell each license to others and keep 100% of the money to yourself (your customers gets access to the professional package of SalesBoosta) Now, you can sell each license for between $97 – $497 If you choose to go for the lower end, which is $97, that means you will make $9,700 by the time you resell the 100 licenses we give you We’ll provide you with all the materials you will need to sell it: emails, articles, videos, images, ad contents, and even training. Most importantly… We will be spending money and time promoting the brand name, so that by the time you tell someone about it, he or she must have heard the name, making it easy for you to sell out your license If you’re serious, you can sell out your 100 licenses in 30 days or at most 60 days, and make over $9,700 in extra income How cool is this?

So, Here’s A Recap Of Everything You’re Going To Get Today

21 different email types with 2,000+ templates

7 different landing page copy types with 100+ templates

6 different ad copy types with 250+ templates

6 different marketing story types with 60+ templates

7 different ad copy types with 100+ templates

Freelancer Package to start a freelance copywriting service

Free access to SalesBoosta University with exclusive premium quality trainings

Access to all future updates to SalesBoosta at no extra charge

A stellar support team on standby ready to help you

Here’s The Deal-Breaking Question For You Today – Answer It In All Honesty

  • If all this software could do right now for you is to save you thousands of dollars in copywriting cost within the next 12 months, how much can you pay for it?
  • If it will help you double, triple or even quadruple your conversion rates, sales, and profits, how much will it be worth to you?
  • And maybe you choose to go the freelancing way. If you could generate $5K or more monthly in revenue as a freelance copywriter with the help of SalesBoosta, won’t you term it your best investment for the year?
  • And the kicker, if all you did was to resell your 100 licenses and bank over $9,000 within the next 60 days, how much will you be eager to invest in it?​
If you think about all this, $1,997 is a fair price to pay.  Or don’t you think so? And I’m certain you will gladly pay it.  Right? But you won’t pay that…here’s why: This software is 100% brand new…has never been released anywhere publicly yet We want our existing customers who have been loyal to us to get a bite of it before everyone else And we want to give them a type of offer that no one else will EVER get on this software, just to say THANK YOU for being loyal to us So, until the time on this page hits zero, we will let you in at a special price, depending on your choice: Get Your Access Here


This offer is exclusively for our existing customers, who has trusted us all these years If you are reading this page, then you’re one of them, and you must have gotten the link from either our email, or ad directed specifically at you This page can’t be found on Google. Neither can the video be found on YouTube When we open it to the public by Monday, we will limit or even hide certain features from them, and yet the price will be higher than what we’re offering you here

In essence, the public will pay more, and yet get less than you got

We can’t think of any other way to reward your loyalty other than this exclusivity However, once the timer on this page hits zero, we will close this page down permanently, and your only option would be to wait till we open to the public in the next 45 days And by then, you will pay 3X to get it, and yet, you will even get lesser packages than you’re getting now So, make sure you get this offer right now, before we close it.

Our Special 60-Day No-Question-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You have seen everything you can do with this software, and you have also seen how it can benefit your business and your finances Now, we need you to take a test-drive of it for the next 60 days If it doesn’t live up to expectation, let us know and we will refund you your money 100% to your bank account. We won’t ask you to use the money to buy our other products, or try to pacify you with other offers… we will refund it to your bank account And not just that, our CEO will personally email you to apologize for failing on our promise, and we will still let you keep the bonus premium trainings found in SalesBoosta University So, if we fail on our promise, we will be the ones to lose, while you will still gain Hurry right now and get this exclusive offer before the timer hits zero Get Your Access Here

Our Stellar Support Team Is On Standby, Ready To Help

SalesBoosta was built with the average joe in mind You can use the software without ever needing help from our team PLUS we have a comprehensive training section that shows you practically everything you’ll ever need to know when using SalesBoosta But should you need help, we have a stellar support team on standby, ready to help So, go ahead and get your access, knowing that you’re in safe hands

So, Here’s A Recap Of Everything You’re Going To Get Today

21 different email types with 2,000+ templates

7 different landing page copy types with 100+ templates

6 different ad copy types with 250+ templates

6 different marketing story types with 60+ templates

7 different ad copy types with 100+ templates

Freelancer Package to start a freelance copywriting service

Access to all future updates to SalesBoosta at no extra charge

A stellar support team on standby ready to help you

Get Your VIP Access Now I’ll see you on the inside, Patrick Enyum Co-founder, SalesBoosta

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this software write better than professional copywriters? Yes, this software will write far better and more persuasive copy than most professional copywriters. Remember, this was built by experienced copywriters who have written copy that have made millions of dollars in sales. So, every word, phrase, and sentence in it is written for one purpose: to convert visitors to leads or buyers, depending on your objective Will I still need to edit the copy it writes for me? Ideally, you should go through the copy written for you by the software before using it. You can tweak it further, and even add more data to it, like we did on this page. However, some choose to use it as it is, and still get crazy conversion rates that amaze them. You will have seen some of them talk about it on video somewhere on this page. I’m not good with tech. will I be able to use this software? If you are reading this, then you are already overqualified to use it There’s nothing techy about it, as it was built for the ordinary person in mind who has zero tech knowledge Even without watching any tutorial, you can effectively use the software with ease Try it out I hate the long question and answer takes time to fill. What do I do? Typically, a professional copywriter will need to ask you a lot of questions before he will be able to write a sales-pumping copy for you. That’s what SalesBoosta does too To make it fast, and easy for you, we have a Done-For-You (DFY) button that will prefill the answers for you. You can then edit it to your choice before letting the software write the copy for you. If you just don’t want to answer questions at all, then use our Elon AI which will try to figure out what’s on your mind and write for you. Then you can edit it So, however you want it, SalesBoosta got you covered Is this available in other languages? Yes, with a click of a button, the software can change to any language you want. We have over 106 languages available to switch to Once you switch to any language, the text on the software, the questions, and the scripts it will create for you, will all be in the language In fact, you can even answer the questions in the language you switched to Awesome, isn’t it? I already have other copy apps. Do I still need this? The best way to answer this question is to ask you another question: do you have any copy app that can write as much direct response copy for you as SalesBoosta? Do you have a copy app that can write up to 21 different email types for you, and even give you subject lines and follow up emails for each series? Do you have any copy app that can write long powerful written-to-sell sales letters, landing page copy, ads, and video scripts for you? The answer to all of these is a capital NO! So, here’s the thing: If you want content written to educate and inform, go for other copy apps But if you want content written to convert your target audience and visitors to leads, and buyers…content written to bring sales and profits, then you should go for SalesBoosta You guys are selling this for a one-time price. What’s the guarantee that you won’t disappear tomorrow when you run short of money? First, this software is a low resource-gulping tool. So, we don’t need huge server resources to keep it running Secondly, the main copywriting system in it is powered by our in-house AI called Miki. So, it costs us almost nothing to keep it running. Updating it will only cost us time, and not money. And we are committed to it Thirdly, we’re turning this offer into a monthly recurring 60 days after the initial public launch. So, we’ll never run out of cash, and we will never disappear Just for your information, all the previous versions of our apps, are all running independently, even though there are newer versions of it. That proves the fact that we don’t shut down and run away So, relax, your investment is safe and it’s for the long term What’s your future plan for the software? We took time to build a comprehensive software where the only update we envision we be from our users. Once our users play around the system and think one or two features is necessary, we will put it to vote and quickly build it in We have our in-house team to handle all that with ease Majority of the updates on our list for now will be to add more copy types and make the process of using the software as easy as possible, based on user suggestions. You can find our roadmap on the link inside our welcome email When are you closing this offer? As soon as the timer on this page gets to zero, this offer will be PERMANENTLY closed. There will be no backdoors or pleas. So, grab it now that you can Get Your Access Now

Offer closes permanently in:

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